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Weekly Roundup: Open Book: Toronto

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Sue Chenette, Susan Briscoe, Susan Andrews Grace, Susan McMaster, Sarah Tsiang, Sue Hughes, Steve Lillebuen, rob mclennan

An update of the interviews and features on Open Book: Toronto this week.

On Writing, Special Edition with the Finalists for the RBC Bronwen Wallace Award

"With the length restriction, every word has more weight, and you have to find a way to indicate the whole story without writing it all down. I used to think that you should learn to write a good short story before you embark on writing a novel ? like a short story was a baby novel." Read more

The Gutter Series: Between Projects, Poetry Edition, with Leigh Nash

"A hammock, a beach and a scribe. But I make do with a comfy couch, TV on, stacks of books on the coffee table. I like music and noise, sitcoms and dramas playing in the background that I can steal from." Read more

On Writing, with Sue Chenette

"I think it was Carl Dennis who said in a TV interview that he wrote poems as they occurred to him, and then, eventually, one came along that formed a center of gravity, and others, already written, clustered around it. I remember feeling relieved that someone who had won the Pulitzer worked this way, as it describes my usual non-method." Read more

The Proust Questionnaire, with Trina Davies

"Impatience. Do I have to open that package of treats in the grocery store parking lot? Yes. Yes, I do. Don?t ask again." Read more

On Writing, with Deborah Kerbel

"The teen years may be short, but they?re filled with drama. Life moves at high speed, your body is changing, hormones are blistering out of your pores, ?first times? are a daily occurrence and emotions are running high. Teen life is practically a novel waiting to be written." Read more

On Writing, with Steve Lillebuen

"I?m not sure where it comes from, but I was once told that ?Noah is a better story than flood control.? It?s a great line that I find helps me remember how the right perspective can turn a good story into a great one." Read more

In Open Book's magazine, rob mclennan profiles, "Collected Works bookstore." And Open Book's Grace O'Connell shares the pros and cons of "writer retreats. And Open Book's Danielle Webster takes at look inside TCAF 2012.

Before wrapping up her stay as April's writer-in-residence, Sarah Tsiang, continued her Susan series by interviewing Sue Goyette, Sue Chenette, Susan Briscoe, Susan Andrews Grace and Susan McMaster. Sarah also wrote about the failure pile.

Open Book welcomed its new writer-in-residence, Susan Hughes. She shared her first blog and a piece titled, Looking for the Light Bulb - Part 1

To keep up with Susan Hughes, visit her writer-in-residence home.

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