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Weekly Roundup: Open Book: Toronto

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An update of the interviews and features on Open Book: Toronto this week.

On Writing, with Marianne Apostolides

"I was writing 'Like a Cat,' a story set in a Greek restaurant where I worked as a belly dancer." Read more

Whazamo! The TCAF Artist Series, with Shannon Gerard

Shannon responded with a drawing! It can be viewed here.

At the Desk: Kenneth Sherman

"I feel strongest about postcards from writers who are gone. There?s one from Gwendolyn Macewen that shows a Japanese woodblock print of a bijinga (beautiful woman). She is most likely a courtesan and she wears a grey, peach-fringed kimono." Read more

The Dirty Dozen, with Joey Comeau

"I can go months just listening to the Mountain Goats. I think it might be a brain problem." Read more

Whazamo! The TCAF Artist Series, with Dave Lapp

To see Dave's drawing that depicts the inspiration behind his work, click here.

The Dirty Dozen, with The Graphic History Collective

"The number of bikes in the collective outnumbers the members. Bikes park in our kitchens, apartments hallways, come on camping trips and get us to protests." Read more

At the Desk: Bianca Lakoseljac

"Most of the time my writing is a juggling act with a few projects on the go ? one dominant and others I can dive into when the zeal for the main one falters." Read more

In Open Book's magazine, Erin Knight focuses on writing mothers in her piece "Mom's the Word: Tips and Confessions from Writing Mothers." Becky Toyne shares with us her parent's Book Diet and Danielle Webster interviews Leslie Shimotakahara.

Open Book's writer-in-residence, Susan Hughes, chats with Greenwood's co-publisher Sheila Barry, talks about the Festival of Trees and shares part 1 and part 2 of her "What? Me? Write Historical Fiction" series.

To keep up with Susan Hughes, visit her writer-in-residence home.

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