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Weekly Roundup: Open Book: Toronto

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An update of the interviews and features on Open Book: Toronto this week.

On Writing, with Shelley Peterson

"Horses have been special to me since the first day I laid eyes on one ? an old mare named Lady. Just today I helped the vet file teeth and give shots and deworming paste in the barn." Read more

Whazamo! The TCAF Artist Series, with Mary Huang

Mary's comic explains how her upbringing and her love of magic and drama inspired her to draw comics. View it here.

At the Desk: Bill Sherk

"They called me ?Sherkules? (SHERK-yoo-leez). These names fanned the flames of creativity in both me and my students." Read more

On Writing, with Mark Goldstein

"For well over a decade drumming was my sole occupation. And as I returned/transitioned into writing I discovered that melic composition is an extension of the body?s natural sense of rhythm." Read more

At the Desk: Bill Slavin

"Me, I move from pencil to pen to brush in a mad scrabble through chaos, pricking my thumb on a pointy protractor or a hidden quill pen amongst my tumble of art supplies that cover my side table." Read more

Open Book's writer-in-residence, Susan Hughes, chats with graphic novelist Willow Dawson, digs deep with picture book authors as they tell all and shares views from the bookstore.

To keep up with Susan Hughes, visit her writer-in-residence home.

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