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Weekly Roundup: Open Book: Toronto

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An update to some of this week's news and features on Open Book: Toronto.

The latest On Writing interview was with Priscila Uppal, the Poet-in-Residence for the Vancouver Olympic Games. Uppa talks not only about how her unique position came into existence, but also what the arts have to offer the world of sports, and what the world of sports can offer in return.

In a Poets in Profile interview with Anita Lahey we learn what first drew this talented wordsmith to her art, and what has been her most unlikely source for inspiration.

Answering the most recent Proust Questionnaire was Rachel Hartman, who recently made her novelistic debut with the wonderful book Seraphina (Random House Canada).

Rounding out the week is a profile on Larry Thompson, who runs Greyweathers Press in Merrickville, brought to us by rob mclennan. Thompson talks about what first brought him into publishing, what his goals were when he started out, and how he quickly realized that he had taken on much more than he could handle alone.

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