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Weekly Roundup: Open Book: Toronto

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An update to some of this week's news and features on Open Book: Toronto.

This week, Open Book: Toronto brought out three great interviews with three fascinating Toronto writers.

The latest On Editing, interview was with Pedlar Press's Beth Follett. Follett talks about working with author Anne Fleming on the recent short story collection Gay Dwarves of America, and what she looks for in a new project.

Noah Richler, son of the famous Mordecai Richler, answers the Dirty Dozen this week, where he talks about being "the leader of a highly efficient schoolboys’ shoplifting gang" and what he thinks about the current state of the university system.

Rounding out the trilogy is this week's Proust Questionnaire with Michael Kelly. Kelly will be appearing in the upcoming anthology Tesseracts Sixteen: Parnassus Unbound (EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing) and has taken the time to give our readers a glimpse of his fascinating personality.

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