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The weekly roundup: Open Book Toronto

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Here?s an update of the interviews and features on Open Book: Toronto this week and last.

Author Lillian Necakov speaks to Open Book about Hooligans, her most recent collection of poetry published by Mansfield Press. She sticks around to talk about her personal hero, writing a poem in one's head and her favourite recent Canadian poetry. Read the full interview here.

The Governor General?s Literary Awards celebrated their 75th anniversary recently. Open Book spoke to Robert Sirman, Director and CEO of the Canada Council for the Arts about this recent milestone, how the awards have changed over the years and what to expect in the future. You can read the full interview here.

Open Book talked to Monique and Max Nemni, authors of Trudeau Transformed, the second volume in a series chronicling Trudeau?s life and ideas. The author duo shared their thoughts on Trudeau the federalist, the separatist, the myth and perhaps as he really was. Read the full interview here.

Governor General?s Literary Award winner Rosemary Sullivan is the author of Molito, a children?s book she created with Juan Opitz, as well as Shadow Maker: The Life of Gwendolyn MacEwen and several other novels. She talks to Open Book about dealing with serious subject matter in the form of an allegory, composing a musical soundtrack for a book and a few of her deepest influences. Read the full interview here.

Author Lee Lamothe spoke to Open Book about his latest crime novel, Picasso Blues, a dystopian story about a series of racially motivated murders in a city under threat of a viral pandemic. The author and investigative reporter also touched on the value of reading wiretap transcripts, cats asleep atop of cardboard boxes and what could be the single best piece of advice that one could ever receive about being creative. Find out that that piece of advice is, and read the rest of the interview here.

Musician, photographer and author Mark Lavorato talks about his most recent book, Believing Cedric, regretted moments in life, music, photography and more. Read his interview here.

Mahtab Narsimhan is the author The Tiffin, a YA novel about the massive dabbawalla industry in Bombay (Mumbai) and a 2011 Quill & Quire Book of the Year. To find out what dabbawalla is, and to read Narsimhan?s thoughts on Harry Potter, drawing inspiration from the streets of Bombay and those who have influenced her writing most, check out the full interview here.

Open Book talks to Jeyn Roberts, author of the post-apocalyptic YA novel Dark Inside, about the book's four teenage survivors, her inner sociologist, how music informs her writing process and her upcoming projects. Read the full interview here.

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