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An update of the interviews and features on Open Book: Toronto this week.

On Writing series: Carmen Rodríguez

“Short stories are compact episodes that take shape in my mind before I transcribe/translate them into written words. Most often, I know the beginning, middle and end of a short story before I write it.” Carmen Rodríguez the author of Retribution (Three O’Clock Press). She talks to Open Book about struggling with the protagonists’ experiences, her literary influences and the lessons she learned from her parents. Read more

At The Desk series: Jonathan Campbell

"Like the cafés, my office could have been anywhere, right down to the Ikea table on which I worked. A crumpled piece of paper hung from the shelf above my desk, just above my brain, so I saw it every time I looked up from the screen: “Jon: Rock On!” it said, and I was careful to follow its advice." Jonathan Campbell is the author of Red Rock: The Long, Strange March of Chinese Rock & Roll (Earnshaw Books). Read more

The Dirty Dozen series: Robert Hough

"I was fired from my first job — delivering flyers for Sears in suburban Mississauga." Robert Hough is one of Canada's most widely-praised writers. He's the author of the new book Dr. Brinkley's Tower (Anansi). Read more

Guest Blog: Mark Leslie

"Science fiction is often writing rationally and imaginatively about possible or alternative futures or pasts. Fantasy, on the other hand, typically involves supernatural elements or the existence of magic related to places, objects and creatures." Writer Mark Leslie is the newly appointed editor of Tesseract 16. Read more

OBT’s new Writer in Residence, Ava Homa, has released two informative articles on crafting a piece of fiction. To see what else she's up to, click here.

Publishing consultant, Becky Toyne, wrote a wonderful piece on what Charles Dickens might think of the publishing industry in 2012. The piece is in honour of Dicken’s 200th birthday. Read more

On Writing series: Carmen Aguirre

"I must admit that I had never heard of Shad prior to meeting him. When I heard he would be defending my book, I immediately YouTubed him and fell in love with his music." Canada Reads winner, Carmen Aguirre, talks to OBT about her turbulent years in South America and the promise of celebratory salsa dancing. Read more

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