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Weekly Roundup: Open Book: Toronto

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An update of the interviews and features on Open Book: Toronto this week.

The Proust Questionnaire with Aya Tsintziras

“My grandparents — my grandpa could speak on any topic, and my grandma’s love of travel, books and life inspires me.” Read more

Charles Taylor Prize interview series with Wade Davis

“I also endeavored to tell the Tibetan side of the story. I secured, for example, a copy of the namthar, the spiritual autobiography of Dzatrul Rinpoche, the lama of Rongbuk who blessed the climbing parties and their porters. I had this translated for the first time by monk scholars in Kathmandu.” Read more

Article: Keeping Ahead of Current Affairs by Dalton Higgins

"When Millennial demigod Steve Jobs passed away, what made his story all the more compelling to read about was that Simon & Schuster induced their production cycle labor and popped out that baby less than three weeks after his death." Read more

Charles Taylor Prize interview series with Charlotte Gill

“This may sound strange, but I feel a closer bond with the reader. I know it’s wholly imagined. I feel we have a bit of an unspoken contract. They will grant several hours of their time, and in exchange I will not make stuff up.” Read more

Open Book's writer in residence, Ava Homa, was busy this week. She gaves four points to aid with creativity, shared an excerpt from her book Echoes from the Other Land, asked readers to find themselves in the excerpt, shared a short piece titled The Reincarnation of Icarus and wrote a creative story without an ending. To see what Ava has been up to, visit her digital Open Book home.

Charles Taylor Prize interview series with JJ Lee

“I took that last suit and began to alter it. I used it as a jumping off point to explore my life with my father and the strange psychological burden of suits, the sine qua non of menswear.” Read more

In the magazine, rob mclennan profiles AngelHousePress and Becky Toyne looks at Freedom to Read Week in the piece Don't know Zarganar? Joke's on you.

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