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Weekly Roundup: Open Book: Toronto

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An update of the interviews and features on Open Book: Toronto this week.

On Writing, with Nathaniel G. Moore

"You have cracks in your psyche. A professor told me that in Montreal in 2003 or something. I don’t know if it was advice but he singled me out in the class and I felt it was an endorsement. I don’t really listen to what people say advice-wise, I don’t know if a lot of people have ever given me advice. My landlord said ‘better than nothing’ recently while giving me publishing advice but he works in concrete." Read more

Charles Taylor Prize interview series with Andrew Westoll

"I love bringing the art of storytelling to real-life events. It is a constant challenge, and I extract a huge amount of joy from it. Non-fiction writers are more than just storytellers, though; we are also witnesses." Read more

Charles Taylor Prize interview series with Madeline Sonik

"One of the most challenging aspects of writing this book was keeping its momentum going. The writing was even slower than my usual slow pace of writing, because there was so much research involved. Each paragraph, virtually, would open up the necessity of some kind of research." Read more

Open Book's editorial interns contributed to the magazine this week. OBT's Danielle Webster profiled Sellers & Newel bookstore and OBO's Ashliegh Gehl went beyond writing with memoirist Iain Reid, unearthing his love of cooking and Mini Wheats. The magazine also features, "Persistence," a short story by Kathleen Chen. Kathleen is one of four winners in Open Book: Ontario and IFOA Ontario's Write Across Ontario contest.

Open Book welcomed its March writer in residence, CB Forrest, to the site. He interviewed mystery writer Vicki Delany, talks about writer's block and exposes the relationship between reader and writer in a two part series. The first can be read here and the second, here.

To keep tabs on what C.B. Forrest is up to, visit his author page.

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