Northern Ontario Silver and Gold Mining Tour

Northern Ontario was once the center of the mining industry in Canada. As Charlie Angus writes, "Few in Canada realize the enormous wealth these regions and this industry has produced for the national economy". We tend to overlook the industrial industries of smaller communities in Canada which are easily overshadowed by the metropolitan cities of Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver. But for thousands of people, mining towns meant prosperity and work. 

Today many of these mines are gone. But if you take the time to drive into areas like Cobalt or Kirkland Lake, you will find a wealth of Ontario history. And this is where our tour will take you. Spaced out over a few days, you will discover walking trails that lead to abandoned mine shafts and equipment; abandoned mines, and museums. You will also have an opportunity to see the beautiful landscape of Northern Ontario; the impressive intrusion of the Canadian Shield and the layers of rock that led to famous discoveries. 

For the trip, pick up Charlie Angus' Industrial Cathedrals of the North as a photographic and narrative guide to the region; or Tom Douglas' To Wawa With Love for first-hand memories of a childhood in a mining town. 

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