Trillium Book Award Author Readings June 16

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Five Explorer Questions With Jane Fairburn

Detailing the rich history and the many changes to Toronto's historic waterfront over the years, Jane Fairburn's Along The Shore (ECW Press) is a perfect companion for our

Five Explorer Questions With Rose Ricciardelli

Rose Ricciardelli knows a lot about the inner workings and failings of Canadian prisons. Coordinator of Criminology in the Department of Sociology at Memorial University, her writing is found in many academic journals and now in her first book Surviving Incarceration: Inside Canadian Prisons (Wilfrid Laurier Press).

Five Explorer Questions with Jon Radojkovic

Open Book Explorer is happy to interview Jon Radojkovic about his popular book Barns of the Queen?s Bush (Brucedale Press).

Five Explorer Questions with Richard Feltoe

Richard Feltoe's wealth of knowledge regarding The War of 1812 has lead to many featured books in the Open Book Explorer. Click on any tour relating to The North American War as he calls it, and you'll see.

Five Explorer Questions With Terry Murray

Terry Murray has a grotesque fascination with Toronto, and here at Open Book Explorer we think that makes for good sightseeing.

Five Explorer Questions With Marianne Apostolides

Marianne Apostolides' writing is something to behold. Nuanced, beautifully layered, it leads a reader to anticipate one thing, and then surprises them with another. Her book Voluptuous Pleasure (BookThug), was met with critical acclaim and rightly so. In it, Apostolides wrestles with the very nature of language - how it carries an inherent deception.

Five Explorer Questions with Howard Akler

Howard Akler?s debut novel, The City Man (Coach House Books), takes readers to an arcane bit of Toronto's criminal history during the 1930s.

Five Explorer Questions For Dorothy Ellen Palmer re: When Fenelon Falls

Dorothy Ellen Palmer is whip-smart and unafraid of new experiences. She has a keen eye for details, voice and forging connections between seemingly random occurrences. But don?t take our word for it: pick up her latest book, When Felelon Falls (Coach House Books), and see for yourself.

Five Explorer Questions with Karen Dubinsky

It?s not too often someone refers to Niagara Falls as The Second Greatest Disappointment (Between the Lines), but Karen Dubinsky has done just that.

Five Explorer Questions with James Laxer

Award-winning author and former columnist for the Toronto Star, James Laxer?s highly-praised Tecumseh and Brock (House of Anansi) is a fine addition to the Open Book Explorer.

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