The Beach: An Illustrated History From the Lake to Kingston Road

ECW Press (2009)

Glenn and Jean Cochrane have lived in Toronto’s Beach area for thirty-eight years — which sounds like a lifetime but really leaves them as a relative newcomers. Like many of the area’s residents, the Cochranes are convinced that once someone moves to the Beach, they’ll never leave.

From Kingston Road right down to the Boardwalk, the Beach is a Toronto oasis. Here, the boardwalk stretches along the lake creating a calm, outdoor atmosphere unlike any other part of the city. The streets and shops are busy with pedestrians, dogs, and strollers, and in the summers are packed with people from all over: picnickers, sunbathers, and outdoor sports enthusiasts.

The Beach is the perfect introduction to the life and history of this unique area of Toronto. This is the Cochranes’ personal take on everything they have learned about the area over the past four decades, and through their words and collected photos, readers will share in their delightful discoveries.


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