That’s Very Canadian!

OwlKids (2004)

The voice of Rachel through her school project on Candian symbols sheds light on Canada and its unique national identity. Part of the Wow! Canada series, That's Very Canadian is an investigation into what makes Canadians what they are. From offical symbols to unoffical understandins, Rachel looks at what makes this nation a nation. 

From a history lesson in where Canada got its name to how the beaver became the national symbol, this book investigates and teaches the most important facts that make Canada. The unoffical symbols, such as maple syrup, poutine, Macintosh apples, donuts, dulse, pemmican, and fiddleheads, idiosyncrasies of Canadian spelling, pronunciation and word usage, including vocabulary such as "deke", "toque" and the ubiquitous "eh?" provide entertainment as well as a lesson in accepting everything that this nation has to offer, and what connects us all as Canadians.

This book will help to teach young readers about the importance of a nation and what makes us come together as one - through our national identity and our mutual heritage. 


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