Only in Canada!: From the Colossal to the Kooky

Owlkids Books (2002)

Another brilliant part of the Wow! Canada series, Only in Canada is a funny, fascinating and fact-filled example of what makes Canada interesting. Told through the hilarious voices of Moose and Goose, the readers are taken on a journey through Canada and all of the interesting, weird, strange and educational facts that define the nation. 

The story is told from the literal beginning, and how Canada was physically formed, and then onto many more interesting facts that include the wildlife, weather and landscape that build the beauty of this nation. Through brief history lessons, Moose and Goose tell stories of some of Canada's most important figures, including Terry Fox, Alexander Graham Bell, and even Tony Hurtubise - the creator of an armoured suit to withstand a grizzly attack. This book will provide hours of education and entertainment for children.


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