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Illness is considered a behavioral stressor - true or false?

Correct answer: that's not true. Explanation: A biological stressor is illness. A person is considered biologically stressed if they are unable to perform their daily activities due to certain conditions. Instead of behavioral stressors, which include unhealthy behaviors, biological stressors are those that affect the body and its health, including chronic illnesses, disabilities, injuries, and biochemical changes. Even a common flu can prevent a person running their daily errands. There are instances when illness has physical symptoms that must be recognized. However, there are also examples when illness can be faked. This could lead to a mental disorder. The body needs to rest and recover from illness. It is best if a person is comfortable in bed, gets enough sleep, learns something new every day, and takes good care of their health. The physical discomfort might lead to the need to take sick leave from work. To fight the disease effectively, it is important to discover your own coping strategies and to figure out what works best for you.

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