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50 Impressive War Essay Topics for Your Writing

War is always a time of turmoil and pain. However, most wars in history shape present-day society for the better. This is why writing a main causes of war essay is a treasure trove for research students. There are so many options and just as many perspectives you can take when you are writing a war essay. In this article, you will find 50 war essay topics across different eras.

What is war essay?

A war essay is an essay that addresses war-related topics. It could be topics about the causes, impact, or statistics during the war. Your war essay can be descriptive, argumentative, or compare and contrast. There are different approaches you can take to complete such an essay.

Many historical accounts exist for different wars. This is why you must endeavor to go for the most accurate sources you can find. The structure of war essays is the same as that of other regular essays. It should have a catchy introduction, contain verifiable statistics, an evidence-based body, and a summary to wrap up the article.

A war essay doesn't always have to be about a specific war. You can write main causes of war essays and cite a few battles for reference. You can also discuss how allies interfere or protect themselves during the war.

Great war essay topic ideas

War argumentative essay topics

  1. The moral justification for the American War of independence
  2. The first invasion of Iraq by the United States
  3. The ugly truth about the Berlin Cold War
  4. Foreign interference is responsible for fueling the never-ending war in Afghanistan
  5. The crime of Russia's invasion of Ukraine
  6. Human right suspension in times of war
  7. The role of Americans in influencing the Spanish-American War

Revolutionary war essay topics

  1. The war against slavery in America - from the origin to the end
  2. The revolutionary war in America to break free from British hold
  3. The American Civil War - a necessary evil
  4. What happened to native Americans during the American revolution?
  5. How the American revolution changed the game for women
  6. The role of France during the American revolution
  7. What is war essay - a revolutionary perspective of war justification
  8. The untold truth about the French revolution and powers behind the scenes

World War 1 topics for essay

  1. How World War I affected governmental stability in Middle Eastern states
  2. The true cause of World War II
  3. How the United States turned the tide in the World War I
  4. War of genocide? The secret history of America during WW I
  5. Ongoing consequences of World War II on global relations
  6. Participation in the League of Nations during World War I
  7. Unintended consequences of the World War I

World War 2 essay topics

  1. The untold truth about the worldwide war crimes during World War II
  2. The aftermath of World War II in the Russian economy
  3. Tragic fatalities and displacements after World War II
  4. The most valuable lessons of World War II
  5. Political justification of World War II
  6. The role of nuclear power during World War II
  7. The bitter truth about Japanese American Incarceration during WW II

Cold War essay topics

  1. The Cold War - a revolution or an invasion of sovereignty?
  2. Impact of the Cold War on the revolution of Iran
  3. Significant foreign policy changes after the Cold War
  4. The truth about Ronald Reagan during the Cold War
  5. Communism vs. Capitalism - Causes of the Cold War
  6. Analyzing the Domino Theory during the Cold War
  7. Understanding the Berlin war during the Cold War

Vietnam War essay topics

  1. The fear of nations during the Vietnam War
  2. Political exploration of Vietnam by the United States during the Vietnam War
  3. Unreported causes of the Vietnam War
  4. US intervention in the Vietnam War - Justified or not?
  5. How the Gulf of Tonkin incident influenced the Vietnam War
  6. Weapons and technology during the Vietnam War
  7. Despicable war crimes during the Vietnam war

Korean War essay topics

  1. Causes of the Korean War - Behind the scenes
  2. Intended and unintended consequences of the Korean War on civilians
  3. Consequences of United State's participation in the Korean War
  4. How did The Battle of Chipyong-ni influence the Korean War
  5. Historical highlights of the Korean War
  6. Modern-day causes and effects of the Korean War
  7. External influence on the Korean War


Now you know what a war essay is and you've seen 50 war essay examples in this piece, you can start testing your skills. Remember to keep your work objective rather than emotional. If you are working on a war argumentative essay topic, support all your arguments with hard facts and cite it.

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